Chivalrous Inn (HK 1977)

Rating: **
Review Date: 12/31/00
Cast: Carter Wong, Judy Lee (Chia Ling), Lung Jun Er

Unfortunately, my copy of this film was so unwatchable that it completely spoiled my enjoyment of it. I couldn't even identify faces let alone read the cropped subtitles, and the only things I had to rely on for plot progression were sound effects and music cues. What a horrible way to watch a movie. Anyway, from what I could tell, an old man runs a peculiar inn called "Martial Inn" where kung fu practitioners can get free room and board if their skills are good enough. He also uses the inn as a place to recruit fighters for the underground Ching resistance. Carter Wong is one of these recruits, but after getting injured in battle he retreats to a valley populated entirely by warrior women. (oh yeah, baby!) There, he spends most of the film getting his wounds tended to by the lovely Lung Jun Er (at least I think it was her - I really couldn't tell from the movie itself). Meanwhile, things are looking bad at the Martial Inn as the Chings attack it and the various leaders from different anti-Ching sects are murdered. In the last thirty minutes, fiery Judy Lee shows up (at least I think it was Judy Lee...) and the remaining anti-Ching fighters retreat to the valley of the warrior women. But it turns out that Carter Wong is a Ching spy and he sneaks out of the valley and leads his men back to attack it. A furious kung fu showdown takes place, leaving all of the Chings dead.

Not much to say about the film except that the martial arts sequences seemed to be competent and well executed. Judy Lee only gets to fight about four times, but performs some pretty decent double sword work and some agile acrobatics. It really is a shame that these classic films have been lost forever and have only been preserved in crappy nth generation pirate tapes.