The Chinatown Kid (HK 1978)

Rating: **
Review Date: 6/12/99
Cast: Alexander Fu Sheng, Philip Kwok, cameos by Dick Wei, Wei Ying Hung

Handsome and intense Alexander Fu Sheng is the Chinatown Kid, a poor refugee living in Hong Kong who crosses the wrong people and is forced to flee to the U.S. There, he gets into more trouble by opposing the local triads and beating anyone up who tries to bully the fair citizens of San Francisco's Chinatown. Oddly enough, he joins one of the triads (led by Philip Kwok) and becomes a very rich and powerful gang boss. When he loses the respect of his friends, he decides to clean up the town by ordering his gang to not deal in drugs and prostitution anymore. Not surprisingly, this leads to a free-for-all martial arts confrontation between him and all of the crooks in Chinatown. Fu Sheng looks great in his bell bottom pants, and his fighting style is raw and intense. Unfortunately, this Shaw Brothers production lacks substance and the continuity and scripting are laughably bad. Also, the lack of any hot kung fu babes made me lose interest fairly early on and it's quite clearly a macho guy flick. Fairly fun stuff that will definitely satisfy a kung fu craving.