The Bride With White Hair II (HK 1993)

Rating: ***
Director: David Wu (with Ronnie Yu)
Cast: Sunny Chan, Brigitte Lin, Christy Chung, cameo by Leslie Cheung

Ten years have passed since the original, and Brigitte Lin has become a cold hearted villainous murderer, killing any man she sees and taking in wayward girls who have been wronged by men. Naturally, she comes between two young lovers and snatches the girl away while slaughtering the rest of the castle's inhabitants. What few survivors remain plan to rescue the girl and destroy the white haired witch, but are hopelessly overpowered by her and her nasty minions. Leslie Cheung finally shows up at the end of the film to atone for his sins by presenting his love with the magic flower from the first film that blooms only once every ten years and they die in each other's arms as the palace goes up in flames. Great to look at, with some wonderful scenes of flaming destruction, but rather light on substance. Tomboy Christy Chung steals the show and is extremely sexy and dashing - too bad she bites it at the end.