Bullet To Survive (HK ???)

Rating: *
Review Date: 11/5/00
Cast: Shing Fui On, Benny Ko, cameo by Wei Ying Hung

Pretty awful on all accounts. A group of four inmates break out of prison and attempt to collect the money from their last bank heist. Naturally, no one wants to give it to them, which leads to lots of violence and death. After making love to his girlfriend for an excruciately long time (and looking like he'd rather be doing anything else), the main police character (David) gets his vacation cut short and is put in charge of the case to catch the criminals. From here it turns into "48 Hours" (1982) as David teams up with a convict named Yuen, who used to be friends with the fugitives. Only in this movie, they have sixty hours to catch the crooks. The expected silliness ensues, sprinkled with laughably excessive gunfights as the good guys close in on the bad guys. The climax is a fairly decent martial arts brawl in Wei Ying Hung's apartment, which sadly leaves her going face first through a glass table top. Then, for a job well done, David takes Yuen to a brothel as his reward for helping out on the case while David and his girlfriend get it on in the room next door. Unfortunately, they're interrupted by the bitchy police chief, so in retaliation David and Yuen decide to teach her a lesson by raping her as David's girlfriend waits outside and laughs at the shenanigans. Boys will be boys, right? Naturally, the film ends on a freeze frame as the two terrified men come screaming out of the room with lipstick and claw marks all over their bodies from the insatiable police chief. Those wacky guys.

Pointless and uninteresting B-movie drek, that desperately clings to the hope that enough sex and violence will make up for the rest of the film's inadequacies. The only things worth noting are a couple of VERY brief fights with Wei Ying Hung (in a pathetic cameo role), and a couple of kung fu skirmishes between Benny Ko and the main female villain. A sad waste of time and talent.