Book Of Heroes (HK 1986?)

Rating: **
Review Date: 3/27/11
Cast: Elsa Yeung (Yang Hui San), Yukari Oshima, Yasuaki Kurata

Another unfunny Hong Kong action comedy that's livened up with some entertaining girl fu courtesy of Elsa Yeung, Yukari Oshima, and some other actress that I don't recognize. A group of criminals known as "The Rats" steal a shipment of gold from Japanese crime boss Yasuaki Kurata. Elsa Yeung is a con-artist who comes into possession of a map that shows where the gold is hidden, which makes her a target for both Kurata and the police. From there, it's just a silly game of cat and mouse as all of the interested parties try to get a piece of the action. The climax of the film pits all three female leads against Kurata, which is quite satisfying. The only disappointment is that some of the fight scenes are undercranked too much and some are played in slow motion (rather than being shot in slow motion). The action definitely has a frantic mid 1980's feel to it and it's quite fun. However, the boxy and baggy fashions are truly hideous, so the ladies aren't nearly as attractive as they could be. The slapstick humor is pretty weak, with the most memorable line being "he burst my hemorrhoid!" Cyndi Lauper and Heart are on the soundtrack, which is rather odd. This is definitely one of the most difficult Yukari Oshima films to track down and it took me nearly fifteen years to find a copy. Unfortunately, she has little more than an extended cameo, but her fight scenes are still worth checking out if you're a fan. Elsa Yeung came as the biggest surprise, and her fight scenes are probably the most entertaining of the bunch. Good clean fun, but easily forgettable.