Vopreki (Japan/Russia 2003)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Bonpeku
Review Date: 9/5/04
Cast: Yinling

Unspeakably bad, intangibly weird, and occasionally extremely erotic. It's also an unbelievable three hours long. Is it art, or is it crap? Trying to summarize this film is next to impossible, since it makes absolutely no sense. But I'll try. A man wakes up to find that his wife has committed suicide. Then Yinling shows up at a Russian military base and gets a thirteen minute briefing on something unintelligible. (at this point, the fast forward button gets engaged) She jumps in a tank with a blonde Russian girl and they make love in the cockpit. Then she puts on a sexy dress (it's snowing, by the way), grabs a rifle and a rucksack, and heads into the wilderness. Meanwhile, a crazy Chinese military officer with face paint begins to terrorize the countryside, murdering, raping (both men and women), and even eating people. He also has a penchant for masturbating furiously. There's also a crazy transvestite on the loose who likes to kill people, and the man from the beginning of the film stumbles into his inn. The transvestite drugs him and strips him naked, looking for something of value in his belongings. When he starts probing the man's anal cavity, Yinling and a young girl that the crazy officer raped show up just in time to save him from further indignation. Eventually, Yinling faces both the crazy officer and the transvestite, and manages to kill the transvestite with a rather violent handjob. What? Ew... With that out of the way, Yinling and the blonde tank driver get naked with each other for about twenty minutes while the Russian general commits suicide. The end. What the fuck was that all about?!?

Is anyone proud of this effort? The production values are extremely poor and amatuerish, and the audio and lighting are abyssmal. Even though it's in Russian, Chinese, and Japanese, I've got a good hunch that the writing is terrible as well. The amount of dialog is baffling. It's amazingly long-winded and characters just rattle on and on and on, mostly to themselves. I can't imagine them having anything interesting to say. The characters are completely over the top, and so are the actors. Not surprisingly, the only reason to bother with this video is to see the lovely Yinling wearing skimpy outfits and posing with a gun, but not even that can validate this mess. Yinling is a fascinating woman. Not only is she a high profile race queen, but she's a singer, model, actress, and an eclectic performance artist with a taste for military cosplay and sexual deviance. She's extremely bold and really pushes the envelope, and I admire and respect her talent and artistic vision. However, even though I applaud her efforts, I just can't enjoy this particular outing.