The Big Fight (Taiwan 1972)

Rating: **
Review Date: 3/26/10
Cast: Roc Tien (Tien Peng)

More anti-Japanese sentiment, as was popular at the time. During the Japanese occupation during World War II, the Chinese were mistreated in every conceivable way. Roc Tien is a member of the Chinese resistance, which is carefully plotting a massive counter strike from the shadows. Sensing unrest, the Japanese organize a martial arts tournament to draw out the best Chinese fighters so that they can kill them. While Tien teaches patience, he is eventually pushed too far and is forced to fight back and kill. And then the movie abruptly ends.

A good period action piece, despite the one-dimensional portrayals of the evil Japanese as perverse cackling villains. Tien gives a solid performance and emotes well. The fighting is decent and hard hitting, accompanied by overly enthusiastic sound effects with heavy reverb. The female lead puts up a good fight, which is always a pleasant sight. While the plot is tired and rudimentary, the action is satisfying and well paced.