Beyond Hypothermia (HK 1996)

Rating: ***
Director: Patrick Leung
Cast: Wu Chien Lien, Lau Ching Wan

Another artsy girl with gun flick a la "Enemy Shadow" (1995). Melancholic Wu Chien Lien plays a numb and soulless assassin, floating from job to job desperately trying to find her identity and buried feelings. She finds that the only thing that gives her warmth and comfort is eating noodles at Lau Ching Wan's noodle shop after each hit. They eventually get into an awkward relationship of desperation which falls apart when a young Korean triad comes after her to avenge his boss's death. Everybody dies. Gruesomely. Some brief, but inspiring, girls 'n' guns action courtesy of the cold staring and psychologically fragile Wu Chien Lien. But the majority of the film is dramatic narrative, and Wu Chien Lien's character is so soulless and listless that it's difficult to have feelings for her. Overall, a great looking and well made chick flick action film.