Beast City 2 (Japan 1996)

Rating: *
Alternate Title: Maju Toshi 9-1 II
Cast: Mickey Curtis

Simply dreadful. When I popped this in, I thought I was in for some low budget sci-fi horror fare, but instead got over an hour of gratuitous sex bordering on hardcore pornography. The extremely dull and meandering plot has a couple of supernatural bad guys taking out Yakuza heavies, which causes three ninja sisters to get back into the crime fighting business. After the half a dozen or so torrid sex scenes, the girls finally don their ninja outfits and attack the head werewolf (Mickey Curtis) and his supernatural servants, resulting in everyone's death (in typical female ninja fashion). In the film's most tasteless sequence, Mickey Curtis rapes the schoolgirl ninja and rips her uterus out as a hell sacrifice. Everything about this film is awful, except that the girls are really pretty. Sadly, that isn't enough to save the film or warrant watching it in the first place.