The Avenging Quartet (HK 1992)

Rating: ***
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, Michiko Nishiwaki, Waise Lee, Chin Kar Lok

A female action lover's dream team! A somber Cynthia Khan and a feisty Moon Lee team up to fight a stunning Yukari Oshima and a seductive Michiko Nishiwaki, who have all been slighted by a balding Waise Lee somehow. Hsiong (Waise Lee) has in his possession a very valuable painting that the Japanese want to get ahold of, and Yukari Oshima is sent to Hong Kong to retrieve it. Michiko Nishiwaki also wants the painting and has her own score to settle with Hsiong, who previously brought her shame and punishment. Cynthia Khan is a mainland cop who was deserted by Hsiong several years back, and her longing for him brings her to Hong Kong to find him. Unfortunately for her, Hsiong's new girlfriend in Hong Kong is Moon Lee... When these four girls finally meet up, you'd better run for cover. Chin Kar Lok is a goofy police officer who tries to help Cynthia Khan and Moon Lee, but for the most part he's just really annoying.

A consistently entertaining female action romp that relies entirely on the strength and charisma of the leading actresses. The chemistry and bonding between Ms. Khan and Ms. Lee is wonderful in the first half of the film, and it's delightful just to see them play off of each other. The action scenes are great, and all four of these action divas know how to handle themselves and each other. The film has a rather downbeat ending, and my only real complaint is that Cynthia Khan takes an awful lot of physical abuse before all is said and done, which is hard to stomach if you're a big fan of hers.