Assassin Erika (Japan 2016)

Rating: *
Review Date: 2/10/18
Cast: Saryu Usui

A terrible movie that's reminiscent of the worst "Zero Woman" films. An assassin named Erika (Saryu Usui) sets her sights on revenge when a psychotic and constantly crying ex-boyfriend decides to kidnap her current boyfriend. There's also some sort of father figure involved, but it's hard to pull out the details without any subtitles.

It's a super low budget production with bad audio, bad lighting, and annoyingly wobbly handheld camera work. The video also has a weird vignette with a bright rectangular highlight in the center, which is a constant distraction. What's up with that? The exceedingly sparse action scenes are poorly realized and punctuated with awful looking digital blood and muzzle flashes. It's also pretty sleazy, which means there's a pointless sex scene roughly every ten minutes. It's pretty torturous to watch, and I have never seen couples who are so disinterested in getting naked with each other. Saryu Usui is pretty and looks good handling a gun, but she has trouble carrying the weight of the entire production. One of the strangest scenes is when she tortures a bad guy by putting headphones on him and forcing him to listen to her iPod while he howls in anguish. Huh? I didn't get that at all.

This movie was made by the same team that created the equally awful "Assassin Ran" (2016), and it even features a scene were Erika turns on the TV and "Assassin Ran" is playing. Ugh. Neither of these movies are worth your time.