Assassin Anna (Japan 2014)

Rating: *
Review Date: 2/12/18
Cast: Miyuki Yokoyama

Simply awful. Why do I keep subjecting myself to crap like this? Anna (Miyuki Yokoyama) is a young woman who suffered from a violent crime and decided to become a Catholic nun. She does God's work by killing murderers who senselessly prey on the weak for cheap thrills. When a group of masked thugs attack a wedding party at Anna's church, she finds a clue regarding the people who previously attacked her and sets out to kill them.

It's an ugly film, both visually and thematically. The acting is wooden and the pacing is dreadfully slow due to the overly talky plot. Anna's character is so cold, stiff, and expressionless that it's difficult to care for her or be emotionally engaged in her vigilante activities. The action is weak, the production looks cheap, and I found the entire thing to be distasteful.