Asian Connection (HK 1995)

Rating: *
Review Date: 12/10/00
Cast: Danny Lee

Ugh. This was not the movie I was expecting. I thought I had picked up Donnie Yen's "Asian Cop" instead. This is a boring and long-winded cops-n-gangsters action vehicle for Danny Lee's hot tempered policeman persona. The film follows Lee and his partner as they track down a major drug runner and get deeper into trouble the farther they go. To be honest, I fast forwarded through most of the film because it was so dull and dry, pausing only to watch the rare and poorly done action scenes (including a rip-off of Michelle Yeoh's motorcycle jump from "Supercop" (1992) ). There are few things more sad than an action film without any action. If you like watching Danny Lee getting angry and yelling a lot, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, it's pretty much a complete waste of time.