Arrest The Restless (HK 1992)

Rating: **
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Vivian Chow

A somber, gritty, and overall depressing film about youth gangs and crooked cops set in 1960's Hong Kong. Leslie Cheung is a good-hearted juvenile punk "teddy boy" who is framed for rape and murder by crooked cops to cover up for their benefactor's son's misbehavior. Terminally beautiful Vivian Chow is on hand as Leslie Cheung's girlfriend and takes a pretty hefty beating by the end of the film, which is rather hard to watch if you're a fan of hers. But everything turns out okay in the end - the good guys win, the good cop gets promoted, the villains are punished or dead, Vivian is rehabilitated, and Leslie Cheung goes on to become a legendary pop star. Similar in look and feel to "It's Now Or Never" (1992), but not nearly as grim.