Angel Warriors (HK 2013)

Rating: **
Review Date: 11/4/17
Cast: Ngai Sing (Collin Chou), Andy On, Roy Cheung

Embarrassingly awful. Lao Ying (Ngai Sing wearing a horrendous wig) leads five young women who are referred to as "extreme backpackers" into the Kena Jungle in search of the legendary Tiger Tribe. Dennis (Andy On) is also looking for the Tiger Tribe, because he wants to exploit their natural resources. After he and his mercenaries destroy the Tiger Tribe village and murder all of its warriors, the female adventurers team up with the Tiger Tribe princess to avenge her clan.

The film is terrible on all accounts, and the visual effects look as tacky as Ngai Sing's appalling wig. Unconvincing CGI is used to create laughably bad tigers, snakes, monkeys, fish, trees, spears, knives, helicopters, muzzle flashes, and bullet wounds. The action scenes are weak, but Ngai Sing and Roy Cheung are still very agile and give it their best shot. The heroines are a bunch of young actresses that I've never heard of, and despite their characters' reputations as great adventurers, the only thing I would consider "extreme" about them are their annoying voices and skimpy outfits. Pretty much a complete waste of time.