Angel On Fire (HK 1995)

Rating: **
Director: Philip Ko
Cast: Cynthia Khan, Philip Ko, Ronnie Ricketts, Sharon Yeung (Yeung Pan Pan), cameo by Waise Lee

Cynthia Khan is a Hong Kong police officer hot on the trail of a supermodel who has stolen a "precious thing" from Shaolin Temple and is trying to sell it in Manila. Sure, she's a rather unattractive supermodel (wear enough makeup and anyone can be a supermodel), but she can fight fairly well. In Manila Ms. Khan hooks up with a goofy, but kind-hearted cab driver (Ronnie Ricketts) who likes to box in his spare time. I bet he'll come in handy... At the end of the movie, she also joins forces with a mainland cop played by Sharon Yeung, but her scenes seem pathetically out of place, like they were originally shot for a different film. The good guys finally prevail after a laughably excessive exchange of firepower.

This film looks pretty good for a low budget Filipino effort. Cynthia Khan looks great and her outfits are extremely cute. Unfortunately, her fighting scenes are only average, and are occasionally spoiled by some embarrassingly poor wire stunts. Sharon Yeung's brief fight scenes are good, but she doesn't even look like she's in the right movie. And you know you're in a low budget movie when high and mighty crime lords drive the Ford Mustang II as their vehicle of choice.