Angel Of Kickboxer (HK 1989)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: A Punch To Revenge
Review Date: 4/8/01
Cast: Ben Lam, Yukari Oshima, Eddy Ko

First of all, what kind of nonsense title is "Angel Of Kickboxer?" And to be honest, I got this movie confused with "Angel The Kickboxer" (1993) which features Cynthia Rothrock and the beautiful Pauline Chan. Oh well. This is an ugly and unpleasant low budget actioner about hot-tempered cops and hot-tempered criminals. Eddy Ko is a poor and crippled man with an invalid son, who forces his wife into prostitution because he can't find a job. Out of desperation, he makes a deal with a shady criminal boss to pull a heist and invites his friends from China to help. Meanwhile, Eddy's social worker Miss Fan (femme fighter Yukari Oshima) takes a liking to police officer Peter Lee (Ben Lam) and when the heist goes awry, they both get involved in bringing the bad guys to justice. A pointless by-the-numbers tale of betrayal and revenge, but the action sequences are nice since both Lam and Yukari Oshima know how to fight. In true Hong Kong hero fashion, in addition to getting urinated on, Miss Fan takes a bullet in the back and one in the chest and still manages to walk away. Peter Lee also takes a few bullets as well as getting impaled with a saw blade in the back, but still manages to carry on. The film also has some great dialog gems including "What took you so long and why were you swearing so much?" "Because I was taking a shit and you knocked so loud I had to force it out." Charming.