Angel (HK 1986)

Rating: ***
Alternate Titles: Iron Angels, Fighting Madam, Midnight Angels (domestic release)
Director: Raymond Leung, Teresa Woo
Cast: Hideki Saijo, Moon Lee, Elaine Lui, Alex Fong, Yukari Oshima, David Chiang, Hwang Jang Lee (?)

Wow. David Chiang heads up a small group of special agents in this "Charlie's Angels" take-off. A surprisingly sexy Yukari Oshima takes over a crime syndicate and it's up to Hideki Saijo, Moon Lee, Elaine Lui, and Alex Fong take her down. An incredibly cute Moon Lee shines in her debut action role and kicks some serious ass. Her fight with Yukari Oshima at the end of the film is brutal and hard hitting. Lots of great girl-fu and girls 'n' guns action throughout, and gun-toting Elaine Lui is quite hot as the bumbling air-head angel who always gets into trouble.