Aces Go Places II (HK 1983)

Rating: **
Director: Eric Tsang
Cast: Sam Hui, Karl Maka, Sylvia Chang, Yasuaki Kurata, Tsui Hark, Eric Tsang

Someone help me out here - this movie makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and nor does it try to. It's just one silly sit-com moment after another, strung together with some incredibly zany over-the-top action sequences. Master thief King Kong (charming Sam Hui) falls for a somewhat beautiful con artist who repeatedly sets him up for heists that she commits. His bumbling cop friend Baldy (Karl Maka) tries to help him out, much to the eternal irritance of his fiancée, police chief Sylvia Chang (she spends the entire film screaming at him). And to make things worse, Henry Kissinger (!) sends a Clint Eastwood look-alike named "Filthy Harry" (!!!) to Hong Kong to kill the two leads because "he doesn't like them." Okay, fine. THEN, we've got the final showdown between Hui and Harry which becomes a battle of toy Transformer-like robots, and super charged cars with rocket launchers and flame throwers! Whoa. Tsui Hark adds to the insanity as an asylum nut-case parading around as an FBI agent. Was there a point? No. But it did have several funny moments and some wonderfully dangerous stunt sequences.