Aces Go Places (HK 1982)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 1/23/00
Director: Eric Tsang
Cast: Sam Hui, Karl Maka, Sylvia Chang, Dean Shek, Tsui Hark, Chan Sing

A delightfully entertaining caper film about master thief King Kong (Sam Hui) teaming up with bumbling inspector Albert "Baldy" (Karl Maka) and hot tempered superintendant Ho (spunky Sylvia Chang) to solve a jewel heist. King Kong originally stole a bunch of diamonds and gave them to his partner Gigolo Joe (a goofy Dean Shek) to hide, but he winds up dead. Fortunately, he left clues to the diamonds' whereabouts tattooed on the butts of two girls, and you can imagine the shenanigans involved with our heroes trying to get their hands on the evidence. To complicate things, Baldy's arch nemesis White Glove is also trying to retrieve the diamonds and kill the good guys in the process. This is classic high octane Hong Kong action comedy. The humor is overly silly, but it works because the chemistry between Hui, Maka, and Chang is so brilliant. In fact, Ms. Chang nearly steals the show with her fierce and fiery personality. She's absolutely wonderful (not to mention the fact that she's always got a gun hiding up her skirt - yowzah!). The action pieces are fast and furious, with some spectacular stuntwork performed by Sam Hui. A good time all around.