Wizards (1977)

Rating: **
Director: Ralph Bakshi

A quirky little animated tale about technological terror and the ultimate showdown between two wizards, who also happen to be brothers. In the distant future, the bad wizard has discovered some of the war machines of the 20th century and decides to use them to take over the world. But his armies of demons aren't very motivated and usually end up running away from battles. All of that changes when the bad wizard finds footage and documentation on Adolf Hitler, and he uses the power and charisma of the Third Reich to rally his demonic troops, which start savagely crushing all of their enemies. Then the good wizard and a converted assassin named Peace (who is just TOO cool) set out to take down the bad wizard in a cinematic climax that has yet to be paralleled. The weakest link in the film is the bizarre and unattractive combination of live action war footage and traditional cel animation during many of the action scenes.