Witch Hunter Robin (Japan 2002)

Rating: **
Review Date: 9/7/04

Divided into 20+ installments.

Another bizarre juxtaposition of Christianity and supernatural monsters, which the Japanese seem increasingly fond of these days. Maybe it's an attempt to relate with western audiences more, since anime has become an international mainstream? Anyway, there's a secret branch of the Japanese government that deals with supernatural crimes and events. Mutants and magic users are their targets, and they are dealt with most severely. When the team needs a replacement member, they get a young nun named Robin who is a "craft user," capable of pyrokinesis (ironically, a witch herself). She has difficulty blending with the rest of the mismatched team, and in particular, their arrogant jerk of a leader. The animation is nice and the stories are broken into typical "monster of the week" episodes, with a larger arc being introduced mid-series. Unfortunately, none of the characters or action grabbed me, and the whole thing seemed sluggish, contrived, predictable, and boring. As a result, I never made it past episode five.