Wicked City (Japan 1992)

Rating: ***

This one will take you by surprise. Relations between the human race and beings from a dark dimension known as "The Black World" have been peaceful for several hundred years, but the peace treaty is about to expire and all hell is breaking loose on Earth. A cocky male chauvinist human agent is paired with a mega-babe female assassin from the black world, and together their mission is to protect an important diplomat who is the key to preserving peace. Did I mention that the black world assassin is a babe? Well, she is. Anyway, standing in their way are all sorts of nasty critters that want them dead, including an mind-blowing spider woman who has a vicious "vagina dentada" between her legs. Ew, ick!!! Having said that, this is definitely not for the timid. Slick animation, good character designs, and lots of icky (and erotic) monster action make this film highly entertaining.