Tenchi-Muyo! (Japan 1992-95)

Rating: ****

Divided into thirteen installments, plus several "specials."

An incredibly enjoyable OAV series about a young boy named Tenchi and the five alien women that end up living with him for one reason or another. There's the dangerously aggressive spiky-haired space pirate Ryoko, the prim and proper princess Ayeka, Ayeka's adorable younger sister Sasami, the air-headed Galaxy Police officer Mihoshi, and the mad scientist Washu (my favorite character of the bunch). The series is full of domestic comedy, drama, romance, and blazing sci-fi action, and it's a lot of fun to just watch the characters interact with each other. The animation is crisp, the character designs are great, the action scenes are exciting, the music is superb, and the Japanese voice talent is awesome (Ryoko's Ai Orikasa stands out above the rest - she's AWESOME). Unfortunately, the English voice talent is downright bad and rather painful to listen to.