Sins Of The Sisters (Japan 1999)

Rating: **
Review Date: 9/20/00

A strong anti-Christian tale full of lesbian sex and violence. Due to the efforts of a group of sword weilding schoolgirls who have all rejected God, the world is a peaceful and unified place, free from religion and war. However, dark forces want to change history and throw the world into turmoil, and it's up to the Female Crusade of St. Michaela's School to stop that from happening. The leader of the group is Aiko, the resurrection of a fallen angel from the Middle Ages named Hans. She also happens to be a hermaphrodite with a strong appetite for sex (a common theme I've been noticing in Japanese cinema lately). From here, things get really confusing as the schoolgirls go back in time to prevent a catastrophe in the future, and a hermaphrodite villain gets thrown into the mix. (she seduces the Pope to do her evil biddings, since we all know the Pope has a thing for she-males) Everything finally turns out okay, I guess. The animation is fair and it's fun to watch the girls swing their swords around, but the heavy-handed script and the pointless sexual angle grow tiresome.