Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III (2011)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 7/17/11
Producer: Seth Green

Much to my surprise, Seth Green and company take another stab at the "Star Wars" universe with uneven results. I wonder how long they can keep this up? This time, the main focus is on Emperor Palpatine and the events that lead to his eventual demise. Gary the Stormtrooper is back, and trash-talking Boba Fett spices things up with his arrogant charm. The best bits are Darth Vader trying out his new suit and a vicious interaction between a bitchy Padme and a sexually frustrated Anakin. Again, the writing tends to devolve into mean spirited low-brow humor, and some of it is just plain weird (like a nude Admiral Ackbar singing "it's a trap" in a fountain). The animation is superb, although it looks like they've scaled back on the sets in favor of focusing more on the characters. As such, it seems to lack some of the polish and grandeur of the previous entries. Still, it's a good time for "Star Wars" fans and animation buffs alike.