Ranma 1/2 TV Series (Japan)

Rating: ***

Rumiko Takahashi's popular martial arts sex comedy translates well to anime and this series is a lot of fun to watch. The basic premise is that a young man (Ranma Saotome) and his father fall under a curse in the course of their martial arts training. Ranma becomes a girl when he comes in contact with cold water and his father becomes a panda bear when he comes in contact with cold water. Hot water restores them to normal. As you can imagine, much craziness follows. All of the wacky characters are wonderful, but the weakest link in the series is Ranma himself (herself?). He is simply an unlikable arrogant jerk. I would actually prefer the series much more if he were always in his girl form, but that would ruin the very foundation of the series. Good animation and great martial arts combat sequences.