Ogre Slayer (Japan 1995)

Rating: ***

Divided into four installments.

Gruesome tales of ogres and gothic horror are presented in this series, and it's up to the Ogre Slayer to take care of business. The character design is good, but Ogre Slayer's hair is pretty goofy (following the original manga design). The animation is good and the dubbing is competent. Oddly, many of the graphic ogre scenes are filtered, reducing the clarity and giving them an almost dreamlike quality - until Ogre Slayer shows up and then the carnage continues as usual. The fourth episode, "Chapter Of An Ogre's Lament" stands out from the others as a period piece and is letterboxed. It weaves an exquisite tale of misery and suffering and is quite intense. Ogre Slayer's outfit in this episode is also very cool - a classy Euro/Japanese affair, very sexy.