Natsuki Crisis (Japan)

Rating: **

Divided into two installments (that I know of).

Cute and bubbly ponytailed Natsuki Kisumi is a high school girl who loves to fight, and she's pretty good at it. In each episode she gets to beat the crap out of a new opponent plus a handful of other creeps who are trying to get her for one reason or another. A pointless series, existing only to highlight the girls fighting each other. The fight scenes are pretty good, though, and it's amazing how well they can fight in skirts (and this gives rise to numerous panty shots). The female character design is great (who cares about the guys) and the outfits are cute as well. There's also an underlying "female bonding through violence" theme that's kinda weird and by the end of the second episode Natsuki and Kataoka are giving off some creepy lesbian energy - or maybe I'm just projecting.