Lego Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Out (2013)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 4/6/13

Considerably better than the irritating "The Padawan Menace" (2011), but still overly goofy and juvenile. Fortunately, it focuses more on the classic cast, but elements from the entire series are thrown together with reckless abandon. After blowing up the first Death Star, the rebels plan to relocate to Hoth, but first they have to take out an imperial outpost on Naboo. Huh? Yeah, whatever. Anyway, Luke's advance scouting mission is spoiled by a group of swooning fan-girls, which catches the Empire's attention. Darth Vader continues to be a comedic foil, and this time he's competing with Darth Maul for the Emperor's attention and fatherly affection. Much hilarity ensues, and in the end Vader is awarded a medal for Imperial Employee Of The Month.

Once again, the animation is fabulous, while the writing is disappointingly juvenile. However, the in-jokes are pretty clever and the show does a good job of viciously lampooning the entire series. It makes me long for a serious treatment with the same aesthetic and visual style. Its 22 minute running time goes by extremely quickly, and it's disappointing that there is no supplemental material on the DVD.