Le Chevalier d'Eon (Japan 2006)

Rating: ***
Review Date: 8/2/09

Divided into 26 installments.

A beautifully rendered, well written, and carefully researched period piece about the French Revolution, secret societies, and an army of undead servants. Young pretty boy d'Eon Beaumont joins the French secret police when his sister's corpse shows up in the river, and swears to find out the truth behind her death. It turns out that certain high ranking figures in the French aristocracy are creating zombies with black magic in an attempt to overthrow King Louis XIV. D'Eon would have certainly fallen before such strong inhuman adversaries, but thankfully he has several amazing friends helping him, along with the soul of his dead sister Lia. Since Lia's soul cannot ascend to heaven, she has chosen her brother's pure and loyal body as a vessel for her vengeance, and whenever d'Eon draws his sword, he transforms into a blood-thirsty (and sexy) woman warrior of immense power and hatred.

Unfortunately, apart from the few seconds of Lia being a bad-ass swordswoman, I found the series to be tedious and completely uninteresting. The pacing is slow, the characters are uninteresting and unlikable, and this brand of political intrigue and male bonding doesn't hit any of my sweet spots. If d'Eon were always a woman it might be more captivating, but as a man he's a total bore. It's really unfortunate because the production values are high and the writing is smart. It's a great looking and great sounding show, but it just puts me to sleep whenever I try to watch it.