Fatal Fury 2 (Japan)

Rating: **

Terry and Andy Bogard are back and this time there's a new enemy. Unfortunately though, he's too obscenely powerful to be even slightly interesting. Also unfortunate is the fact that the filmmakers decided to disregard the ending of the first "Fatal Fury" and bring Geese and his men back to life (how come none of the good guys that died came back?). There's also the introduction of the series' sole chick fighter, Mai, but she's far too much of a bimbo to be taken seriously and she's more interested in getting in the sack with Andy than in fighting. Too bad. However, we do get to see Terry get the shit beat out of him and in defeat he turns into an irresponsible drunkard. Heavy stuff. But fortunately for him, his friends are there to help him, along with an annoying kid who is a fan of Terry's. Good stuff, but it tries to please too many audiences while not satisfying any of them.