Devil Hunter Yohko 2-3 (Japan 1992-93)

Rating: **

This two part mini-series followed the original one-shot.

Our favorite devil hunter, Yohko Mano, is back and this time she's got help. Part 2 introduces cute and perky Azusa as Yohko's apprentice and she takes over the cute factor that Yohko had in the first installment. Part 3 whisks Yohko off to another dimension to battle demons while Yohko's best friend and Azusa try to get her back. Parts 2 and 3 are short and suffer from average animation and character design (except for Azusa - maybe the creators were trying to thrust a more mature look on Yohko to contrast with Azusa's youth?). Fashion design is very good, but more effort was spent on cheap thrill nudity and panty shots.