Crying Freeman 5: Abduction In Chinatown (Japan 1992)

Rating: **
Review Date: 5/23/05

Visually, the series in mostly back on track, after a disappointing outing in part 4. The internationally renowned Kidnapper's Organization has kidnapped the daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law of the ruler of Los Angeles Chinatown, and he goes to the 108 Dragons for assistance. Freeman agrees to help him and soon realizes that the victims are merely bait to capture him. After getting it on with the leader's OTHER daughter, he meets with the kidnappers, who are ruled by a blonde psycho bitch named Nina Heaven. It turns out that ten years ago, she caught the Freeman on film, and has been furiously masturbating to his picture all this time. Now she wants the real thing, but he won't give in so easily. It's fine by her, since she just keeps masturbating in his presence. One of the more whacked bits of dialog is when Nina says "Maybe I should kill you and have you stuffed so that I can masturbate by your side forever." Uh, yeah, okay... Meanwhile, Bayasan is attempting to rescue the hostages, but bungles the job. Then the other sister shows up in disguise to free the hostages, but the granddaughter recognizes her and blows her cover. Oh yeah, she also likes to masturbate while thinking of the Freeman. Finally, Fu and Dark Eye show up to liberate the hostages, while Lon fights a green beret in an arena battle and Nina masturbates for the crowd. After everyone is saved, Lon kills Nina in what is probably the most orgasmic death scene I've ever seen. Wacky. Nice animation, but spoiled by way too many static shots. While the male characters definitely have more of an Ikegami feel, the female characters are decidedly off - particularly Fu.