Crying Freeman 3: Eternal Love (Japan 1990)

Rating: **
Alternate Title: "Shades Of Death Part 2"
Review Date: 5/22/05

Two different tales are collected in this installment, with the first involving an African terrorist organization called "The Horn Of Africa." It seems that the 108 Dragons aren't much of a secret society anymore, as a stranger with a briefcase full of money just comes aboard their ship and murders the entire council. No longer hampered by the council's bureaucracy, Lon is free to act as both chairman and executioner, and he goes after the Horn Of Africa. After killing all of the Horn's leaders, he is confronted by an incredibly strong black woman who nearly takes his life. In some bizarre gesture, he manages to save her while his own life is slipping away. Having a change of heart, the woman employs all of her resources to save Lon, including donating her own blood. They become friends and he rehabilitates in her care. When he finally leaves, he gives her a pet name, "Dark Eye," and she proclaims that she is his woman. VERY strange sexual politics going on in this episode. The second half belongs entirely to Fu, who decides to master the cursed demon blade, Muramasa. She takes it to a master swordsman in Kowloon and stirs up trouble with the local gangs. The blade finally accepts her as its master, which dooms her to its curse (which she claims is an act of love towards Lon). The gang war escalates when a bunch of thugs storm her training area and demand that she strip naked and dance for them at gunpoint. Okay... She obliges, and when Lon drops in from above, the thugs all start cheering and chanting. What the fuck is going on here?!?