Crying Freeman 2: Shades Of Death (Japan 1989)

Rating: **
Review Date: 5/22/05

Yo and Emu get married and take on new names, Lon Tayan and Fu Chinran. Lon also gets promoted as the new leader of the 108 Dragons. When one of the chairmen turns out to be an enemy in disguise, a revenge plot unfolds and an investigation begins. The enemy kidnaps Fu and the two Dragon elders to draw out Lon, and the immature and hugely overweight Bayasan is introduced. Unfortunately, she is my least favorite character in the series, which spoiled a bit of my enjoyment. The villains are finally exposed and defeated, and Bayasan is reunited with the Dragons. In the second half, Lon's right hand man, Ko, is murdered by an American assassin who wears an electrically charged girdle. She and Lon face each other on the Dragon's submarine and fight to the death. Fu finally takes on the tiger tattoo, further strengthening her bond with Lon.

This episode retains the same look and feel as the previous installment, but is overall less interesting.