Agent Aika: Final Battle (1998)

Rating: **
Review Date: 8/4/01

Contains three episodes

This second installment of "Agent Aika" (1997) features even more ludicrous panty flashing than the original series, with 259 distinct panty shots, or roughly one every 21 seconds. (yes, I counted them all - again) Unfortunately, it lacks the playfully energetic tone of the original series and tends to camp on the more exploitive elements. There are also more male characters involved, including a rather dim-witted boy named Michikusa who is part of Aika's team. He carries a stuffed kappa doll with him wherever he goes, and his involvement with the gang is never explained. The basic premise in these episodes is that after the events in the first series, Hargon's loyal followers all want revenge against Aika. This is basically just an excuse for a bunch of cute girls to relentlessly attack Aika and get utterly pummelled by her. Not that I mind seeing that... Oddly enough, Aika's completely on her own in this series and her magical lingerie is strangely absent. Only in the final minutes of the last episode does her alter-ego appear to save the day. While it does have lots of high energy fighting (and lots of panties), this series is completely missing the depth, cleverness, and subtle charm of the original series. Too bad.