The Adventures Of Kotetsu (Japan 1995)

Rating: **
Review Date: 7/31/99

Here's a cute and entertaining tale about a young girl named Linn Suzuki who happens to be a master swordswoman. She possesses a sword said to be forged by demons, which she deftly uses to dispatch her foes. The background story is unclear, but our young heroine somehow ends up in Tokyo in the service of a sexy detective. A nasty crime syndicate wants the detective out of the way and hires a young spellcaster to take her out. Little does the spellcaster know that he's about to be double-crossed by a slick and sexy Dryad warrior who also enters the fray. It's all rather confusing and disjointed, and the story serves as little more than a framework to hang exciting action sequences on. The fight scenes are well done and quite exciting to watch, but there's a little too much fan service involved for my tastes. Conveniently, all of the combat takes place where the combatants are likely to lose their clothes, giving rise to numerous gratuitous panty shots and naked breast shots, followed by the inevitable nose hemorrhaging. Ultra-cute character design and light-hearted action keep this one marginally entertaining throughout.