The Films Of Cynthia Khan

Cynthia Khan
Cynthia Khan (Yeung Lai Ching)

Hong Kong action actresses Cynthia Khan and Moon Lee both had a profound affect on me. Both of these former dancers turned kung fu action actresses took me completely by surprise, and proved once and for all that it was possible to look cute and kick some serious ass at the same time. Finally, someone was making the films that I always wanted to see! I spent two to three years dutifully tracking down the 20+ action films that Ms. Khan has been in, and have managed to find all but two or three (that I know of, at least). What initially attracted me to Cynthia Khan was her fierce intensity. She can dominate an action scene with little to no effort with her burning conviction and physical confidence. Her martial arts skill ranges from good to very good, and she looks damn fine doing it. Unfortunately, tracking down fashion shots of Ms. Khan is very difficult, and I was lucky to run across this one. To see more of Cynthia Khan in action, check out my Girls With Guns photo gallery.

A Serious Shock! Yes, Madam!
Angel On Fire
The Avenging Quartet
Blade Of Fury
Catching Murderer Overseas
Deadend Of Besiegers
Death Triangle
Death Zone
Eternal Fist
Fatal Love Web: aka Who Killed Him (cameo)
Film Without Bounds - The New Hong Kong Cinema
Fist Of Steel
Forbidden Arsenal
Guard Soldier
In The Line Of Duty 3
In The Line Of Duty 4
In The Line Of Duty 5: Middle Man
In The Line Of Duty 6
In The Line Of Duty 7
Inspectors Wear Skirts IV
The Invincible Constable
It's Now Or Never
Madam City Hunter
Murders Made To Order (cameo)
Pink Bomb
Queens High
Sea Wolves
Split Of The Spirit (cameo)
Super Lady Cop
The Tale Of A Heroine
Thirteen Cold Blooded Eagles
The Three Headed Monster
Tiger Angels (cameo)
Tiger Cage 2 (cameo)
Top Lady Of Sword
Tough Beauty And The Sloppy Slop
Transmigration Romance
Ultimate Revenge (cameo)
Yes Madam (1995)
Yes, Madam 5
Yes, Madam '92: A Serious Shock!
Zen Of Sword

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