What's this content rating all about?

While I fully support freedom of speech and expression, I also believe in courtesy, respect, and responsibility. The web can be a scary place, full of all sorts of things you'd rather not know anything about. In an effort to not offend anyone's moral sensibilities without adequate warning, this document serves as a breakdown of the kind of content that's presented on this site. I've chosen the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating of PG-13 to categorize my content. It may push those boundaries pretty hard in a couple of places, but I believe it's all in good (or at least humorous) taste.

* This site contains no full frontal nudity or graphic sex. Images of women wearing swimwear or lingerie in non-threatening situations may be present.
* This site contains no images of graphic violence, although I do review quite a few graphically violent films.
* This site contains images that prominently display firearms, but they are not shown being fired or inflicting damage.
* This site does not promote misogyny or sexism.
* This site has no religious or political affiliation, and promotes only my own personal opinions and values.
* Movie and video game reviews may contain stong language, but not in excess. If you're watching the the kind of movies that I watch, you can probably handle any of the language that I use.
* With the exception of maybe a dozen obscure entries, no pornographic movies or video games are reviewed on this site.

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