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This is more for me than anyone else, since I have trouble keeping track of all the sites that I, well, want to keep track of. Please note that some of these sites contain "adult" content, so surf responsibly.

Last updated: 12/24/13

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Blackmore Studios - Cassandria Blackmore
Brian Sugita Photography
CasdraBlog - Mike Houser
Kimber Collins - Jason VandenBerghe
Derek Dexheimer
Kris Easter
Amanda Flagg Blog
Amanda Flagg Photography - Ed Frey
Esoteric Elements - Paul and Terri Hiaumet
Chris Florez - Layne Harris
Fatima Hendrix
Isabel's Web Site - Robb Horan
Ryan K. Johnson - Lars Guisti - Lisa VandenBerghe
Little Pig Productions - Dave and Kristen Caven
Luxul Photography - Lisa Riding-Nigbur and Kevin Nigbur
Mr. Happy's Woodworking - Kris Easter
Mooshwerks - Michael Kurtinitis
Necrogoat - Layne Harris's black metal band
The Realm Of The Ice Princess - Lisa Van Every
Brenda Setyawan
Jon Skiffington
Tantalon - Pete and Kristi Isensee - Aaron Halon
Nancy Weiner
Woodland Recruiting - Rebecca Warriner

Foreign Currency Converter
DMA Consumer Assistance - Get off those pesky direct marketing mailing lists!
Internet Speed Test
Mortgage Amortization Calculator

Online Shopping:
Amae Enterprises - Hong Kong video, LD, DVD, and VCD - Just about everything under the sun
Anime Frontier - Great source for Japanese anime laserdiscs - Chinese imports of Japanese anime and drama
Another Universe - Comics and collectibles
Asylum Anime
Atlantic Toys - Great toy store (you can buy Cy Girls here)
Barnes And Noble - Book store
Blue Laser - Hong Kong video, LD, DVD, and VCD
Borders - Book store
Bud's Art Books - Great source for comic books and art books
Buy Rite Video Games - Foreign and domestic video games
Carabella - Women's swimwear
Casablanca Comics (great source for 1000 Editions anime prints)
CD Japan - Japanese CDs
Collector's Armory - Replica swords and guns
Cosmic Therapy - Retail outlet for Sirius Entertainment - Source of all those wonderful demotivation posters
DV Direct - Digital video products
DVD Empire
Disc Makers - Great source for DVD authoring and manufacturing
Eastern Heroes - British source of Hong Kong videos
eBay - A great place to get into trouble
Esoteric Elements - Handmade soap
Far East Flix - Great source for obscure kung fu and Asian horror films
Frederick's Of Hollywood - Lingerie and sexy fashions
From Nippon - Largest source of anime costumes I've ever seen
Good Orient Company - Exotic Asian goods - Blank firing pistols for stage and training
High-heeled Handbags - Awesome handbags, if you can afford them
Himeya Software - Import video games and stuff - Asian imports
HK Flix - Excellent source of Asian import DVDs
Hobby Fan - Great source for Japanese resin kits
Hot Tracks - Lots of obscure import and domestic CDs
How Cool - Lingerie and club wear for women
IAR, Inc - Gun replicas and blank firing guns
Jackeccs - Great source for Japanese games and posters
Japan Video Games
J-List - Japanese books, magazines, DVDs, games, and toys
Jungle Toy - A good place to find cheap Airsoft guns
Ken Cranes DVDs/Laserdiscs - Self defense and workout stuff
Mikado Laserdisc - Japanese LDs, DVDs, CDs, and books
MFI - Great source for quality air/gas guns
The Momii Company - Zatoichi headquarters - Great source for movie soundtracks
National Console Support - Foreign and domestic video games
Pandora's Cube - Anime and video games
Poker Industries - Great source of Hong Kong DVDs
Precision Airsoft - Good place for airsoft guns and supplies
Publishing Perfection - Publishing, graphics, and digital video
Rick's Movie Graphics And Posters
The Right Stuf International - Anime superstore
Rinkya - Japanese auction site, for Americans!
San Francisco Laser - Hong Kong and Japanese LDs, toys, and models
Sight & Sound DVD and LaserDiscs
Sound City 2000 - Japanese CDs
The Sportsman's Guide - Guy stuff - guns, tools, clothes, etc.
Starland Video Games - Foreign and domestic video games
Stylin' Online - Pop culture licensed t-shirts
Tai Seng Video - Hong Kong video, LD, DVD, and VCD
T-Shirts That Suck - Great collection of offensive t-shirts
Tronix - Foreign and domestic video games
Video Search of Miami - Obscure foreign video
The Video Shop - British source of foreign videos - Desktop video products and reference
World's Softest - Home of the "World's Softest Socks" - Great source for Asian media

AMG All Music Guide
Asian Movie Web - Asian movie reviews and more
Chinese Movie Database Movie Links - Car buyer's resource
Future Movies - UK movie review website for filmmakers
Game FAQs - Video game reference
Game Music CD Information Database
Han Cinema - Excellent Korean movie database
Hong Kong Movie Database - Very comprehensive
Internal Revenue Service
Internet Movie Database
Kelley Blue Book - Used car value
KFC - Asian movie reviews
Nada Guides - Used car value
NY Web Photo School
Northwest Real Estate - Multiple listing service for Washington State
Prima Games - Video game news and reference
Regal Cinemas Washington
So Good Reviews - Hong Kong movie reviews
University Of Colorado (Boulder) Alumni Association
Zanadu Comics - Easy access to real estate valuations

Technical Reference:
Ars Technica - PC enthusiast's resource
Gamasutra - Game developer community
How To Write Unmaintainable Code - Great for Xbox repairs
Seattle Sputnik - Video game developer community - General IT knowledge base

Medical Reference: - All you could ever want to know about the little blighters
Northwest Colon and Rectal Clinic

Alaska Airlines
Avis Car Rental
Florida's Lost Tourist Attractions: Splendid China - In memory of this wonderful and sadly under-appreciated theme park
Hilton Hotels
LAX info
United Airlines
Washington State DOT - Puget Sound traffic cameras
Worldwide Car Rentals - Comprehensive list of car rental companies

Media Conventions:
Anime Expo
Comic-Con International

Anime Corporate Sites:
A.D. Vision
Asia Pulp Cinema

Video Game Company Corporate Sites:
Boss Game Studios
Crave Media
Electronic Arts
Emerald City
Gas Powered Games
Humongous Entertainment
Looking Glass Studios
Sierra Online
Sucker Punch Productions
Surreal Software
Tecmo (USA)
Tecmo (Japan)
ThrushWave Technology
Zero Entertainment
Zipper Interactive
Zombie Entertainment

Miscellaneous Corporate Sites:
Blue Box Toys - Home of the Cy Girls
Club Pet - Where my sister works!
Eidos Interactive
Image Entertainment
Minisuka Police - Official site
ReSaurus Toys - Sonic and Street Fighter II toys
Sirius Entertainment
Sony PlayStation
Sumthing - Video game music publisher

Past And Present Employers:
HyperBole Studios

Marco Almera - Great girls with guns artwork
Angry Little Girls - Home of Angry Little Asian Girl
Mark Dacascos - Actor and martial artist
Dark Day Productions - Fantasy art
Drudwyn-Arts - Erik Drudwyn
E.S. Productions - Home of Eric Schwartz: artist, animator, and living legend in the Amiga community
Mark Crilley - Comic book artist and creator of "Akiko"
John Findley - Creator of the legendary Tex Arcana!
Chris Hülsbeck - Musician and composer
Janesko - Artist
Jacquie Lawson - Really cute greeting cards
Joseph Michael Linsner - Comic book artist extraordinaire
Bjorn Lynne - Musician, composer, and really nice guy
Lori Mann - Erotic fantasy photographer
Mark Smylie - Official site for "Artesia"
Suteki - Photographer
Voltaire - Musician, animator, artist, and all around freak

Official Fan Sites:
Armored Saint
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Eight Seconds
Iron Maiden
The Iron Maidens - All female Iron Maiden tribute band. These girls ROCK!
Jag Panzer
Cynthia Khan
Kick Axe
Kiki Strike
Metal Church
Phantom Blue

Miscellaneous Fan Sites:
Amber Anime Archive - A *TON* of great anime images
Bank St. Irregular - Kirsten Miller's blog
Brilliant Moon - A wonderful Moon Lee fan site
DOA Online - A comprehensive fan site devoted to the "Dead Or Alive" video game series
Hong Kong Cinema - View From The Brooklyn Bridge - An excellent, informative, and insightful site on classic Hong Kong cinema
Maian Dream - Contains lots of goodies for Hong Kong film buffs
Maria World - Dedicated to tennis star Maria Sharapova - Chock full of Milla Jovovich goodness
Streets Of Rage Online - Excellent site that covers and excellent game series - Chock full of Milla Jovovich goodness
The Stunt People - A site that focuses on the action aspect of Hong Kong action films. Lots of movie reviews and cool pictures.
Vivian Chow Romance Gallery - An excellent Vivian Chow fan site

Girls With Guns: - Adult entertainment
Brickshelf - Girls with guns, made out of Legos!
CAT Army Girls - An assortment of artwork and photos
Dillon Precision - Calendars and posters (as well as guns) - A superb collection of girls 'n' guns material
Girls With Guns - Facebook fan page
Gun Gurl
The Gun Moll And Femme Fatale Page
Lethal Lipstick - High quality adult girls with guns site
Moscow Endgames - A novel about female assassins
Sniper Babes - Specializes in promoting shooting events - Check out the Swedish Bikini Team at a USPSA competition!
Stacked And Packed - G. Gordon Liddy's tribute to girls with guns

Deanna Brooks
Kyla Cole
Ashley Dorenzo
Esther Hwang
Josie Maran
Melanie Jayne
Tina Le
Linda O'Neil
Cathy Rankin
Lisa Marie Scott
Natasha Yi

Even More Girls...
Desktop Girls - Sexy wallpaper
Excellent Japanese Models
Fashion Model Index - Professional fashion model resource site
Minisuka Police - A nice gallery of Minisuka Police photos (once you get past all of the porno banner ads...) - A tasteful collection of goth and punk models
Super Sexy Heroines - An entertaining collection of girls in spandex making the world a better place

Mannequin Lovers - Wacky mannequin fan site
Northwest Mannequin - Mannequin sales and repairs

Fun And Games: - Shockwave games, cartoons, and other creative time-wasters - A wonderful Flash site full of delightfully wacky cartoons

Miscellaneous Wacky Stuff:
405 - The Movie - A wonderful short film - For anyone who's ever loved an Amiga
Awkward Family Photos - A great collection of the art form known as "family photos"
Bikini Karate Babes - Mortal Kombat with half nekkid women - Advice and support for relationships gone bad
Butts Across America - This really brings out my juvenile sense of humor
Candyboots - Home of the great Weight Watchers recipe cards
The Complete Synonym Page - Colorful synonyms for "cuffing the dummy"
Dancing Paul - The strange things people buy and sell...
Divine Interventions - Home of the Baby Jesus Butt Plug...
Emotion Eric - A very funny and clever site (check out the "hamster in underpants" shot)
Game Girl Advance - More female perspective on video games
Gotham Girls - Home of Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn
Grand Moff Tarkin - What happens when nerds form rock bands...
Hacker Network - Features truly inspiring kung fu stick fighters
Horns - Essential reference for metalheads
How To Break Your Computer - Amusing stuff
How To Use Escort Services - A fascinating article on this bewildering industry - Featuring the hilarious Star Wars Gangsta Rap
The Institute Of Official Cheer - A very entertaining site, highlighted by Art Frahm: A study of the effects of celery on loose elastic
Irresponsible Sub-Tytler - Anime fan sub group
Kaiju Direct - Massive site for Japanese kaiju (monster) reference
Lingerie Links - All the links you'll ever need for your lingerie needs
Maiden Seattle - Seattle's premier Iron Maiden cover band
My Boot movie theater - Source of various short video clips
Peter Hirshberg - Now THAT'S what I call a gaming room! - Source of some real funny shit (no pun intended)
RetroCrush - Excellent collection of pop culture nostalgia and terrible Halloween costumes
Sailor Moon Universe - Sailor Moon news and reference - An excellent collection of satire, Superfriends, and those god-awful Hostess comic book ads from the late 70's
Star Trek Inspirational Posters - great stuff!
Ugliest Tattoos - The Gallery Of Regrets. My god, the things people do to their bodies... - Yes, women play video games too...

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