Girls With Guns:
Asian Film Hot Picks

Filmmakers in Hong Kong and Japan get it. They understand the girls with guns genre better than anyone else in the world, and execute it with more precision and flair than I thought possible.

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Against The Drunken Cat Paws (HK 1979) - A martial arts tour de force for Judy Lee as she exhibits some amazing drunken boxing.

Angel (HK 1988) - Moon Lee makes her action film debut in this "Charlie's Angels" derivative film.

Angel 2 (HK 1988) - A somewhat inferior sequel to "Angel", but it does feature some amazing set pieces and one of Moon Lee's all-time best fighting performances.

Angel 3 (HK 1989) - A pretty bad film, but definitely worth a look to see Moon Lee's heart-stopping assault in the middle of the film.

Angel Force (HK 1991) - Another Moon Lee action vehicle full of great gunplay and kung fu. She unfortunately has a terrible haircut, though.

Angel Terminators II (HK 1993) - Moon Lee and Yukari Oshima team up and get into a lot of trouble with the local triads. One of Ms. Oshima's better performances.

The Avenging Quartet (HK 1992) - This film brought action divas Cynthia Khan, Moon Lee, Yukari Oshima, and Michiko Nishiwaki together for the first and only time. Although the action sequences are good, the film isn't overly engaging.

Beauty Investigator (HK 1992) - An ultra-cute Moon Lee faces off against tough gal Yukari Oshima in this somewhat goofy lightweight actioner.

Beyond Hypothermia (HK 1996) - A bleak and gritty tale of a cold-hearted assassin (Wu Chien Lien) desperately searching for her lost humanity. Great stuff.

Cat's Eye (Japan 1997) - Wacky and campy to the extreme! Three lovely cat burglars search for their missing father in this live action adaptation of the anime.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (HK 2000) - Ang Lee's triumphant action oriented love story is a splendid treat for female action fans. Zhang Ziyi and Michelle Yeoh dominate the entire film with their presence and intensity.

Dragon Chronicles a.k.a Semi-Gods and Semi-Devils (HK 1993) - Nearly everyone I know hated this film, but I thought it was great. Lots of outrageous super-fu and flying around courtesy of Brigitte Lin, Gong Li, and super-cute Cheung Man.

Enemy Shadow (HK 1995) - A dangerously seductive girl with gun art film featuring an intense Jade Leung.

Forbidden Arsenal a.k.a. In The Line Of Duty 6 (HK 1990) - Super-cute police officer Cynthia Khan takes on a couple of goofy partners and sets out to nail a nasty gun runner played by "Mortal Kombat's" Robin Shou.

Fox Hunter (HK 1995) - A gritty and gripping actioner featuring some excellent gunplay and a awesome villain. One of Jade Leung's finer performances.

Hapkido a.k.a. Lady Kung Fu (HK 1972) - Probably Angela Mao's finest martial arts performance - she kicks ass.

The Heroic Trio (HK 1993) - Anita Mui, Maggie Cheung, and Michelle Yeoh team up in this mind-blowing superhero film.

In The Line Of Duty 3 (HK 1988) - Cynthia Khan's first action film is still one of her best. She takes on the role of Inspector Yeung where Michelle Yeoh left off in "Yes, Madam!".

In The Line Of Duty 4: The Witness (HK 1989) - Cynthia Khan and Donnie Yen deliver blistering physical performances in this Yuen Woo Ping action classic.

In The Line Of Duty 5: Middle Man a.k.a. In The Line Of Duty 2 (HK 1990) - Putting aside Cynthia Khan's poor fashion sense in this film, it features some of her best fighting ever, culminating in a spectacular sword fight against Aussie villainess Kim Maree Penn.

Killer Angels (HK 1989) - The essential Moon Lee action film. Firmly in the mold of "Angel", it features lots of spectacular girl-fu throughout.

Lady Snowblood (Japan 1973) - A bloody tale of vengeance in feudal Japan as Lady Snowblood (Kaji Meiko) seeks to avenge her father's death and her mother's brutal rape.

Lethal Panther a.k.a. Deadly China Dolls (HK 1990) - Apart from a couple of gratuitous sex scenes, this film features the best girls with guns action you're likely to ever see.

Mission Kill a.k.a. Mission Condor (HK 1991) - Feisty Interpol agent Moon Lee fights and shoots her way through this fun actioner.

Naked Killer (HK 1992) - A sleek and sexy tale of two rival female assassins, played with sizzling sensuality by Chingmy Yau and Carrie Ng. This is definitely not one for the kiddies!

Queen Boxer a.k.a. The Avenger (HK 1972) - The first hour of this sequel to "The Man From Shangtung" is downright dreadful, but you'll thank yourself after seeing the jaw-dropping finale. A powerhouse showcase for Judy Lee and she storms a fortress and battles dozens of foes in one of the most spectacular fight scenes ever assembled.

Queen's High a.k.a. In The Line Of Duty 5: In The Beginning (HK 1990) - This is not one of the "In The Line Of Duty" films. In fact, in this one Cynthia Khan plays a triad leader. Not a great film, but it features some great girls with guns moments, including an astonishing wedding day massacre.

Revengeful Swordswoman (HK 1978) - A non-stop kung fu showcase for feisty Judy Lee (Chia Ling).

Righting Wrongs a.k.a. Above The Law (HK 1986) - Cynthia Rothrock's best work was in Hong Kong, and this film helps prove it.

Royal Warriors a.k.a. In The Line Of Duty (HK 1986) - A very young Michelle Yeoh gives the action film industry a facelift with this non-stop actioner.

Satin Steel (HK 1994) - Loose cannon Jade Leung and sexy Lee Yuen Weh team up in this "Lethal Weapon" derivative film. Full of B-movie elements and a lot of fun.

Saviour Of The Soul (HK 1991) - Not a girls with guns film, but it features some amazing girls with guns action, courtesy of Anita Mui, Carina Lau, and Gloria Yip. Corey Yuen's direction is fantastic.

She Shoots Straight (HK 1990) - The dark side of Corey Yuen. A dark and brooding action drama about female cops Joyce Godenzi and Carina Lau. The final fight between Ms. Godenzi and body builder Agnes Aurelio is a true classic.

Wing Chun (HK 1994) - Michelle Yeoh gives a lively and animated performance in this entertaining kung fu comedy from master director Yuen Woo Ping.

Woman Avenger (HK 1979) - A no nonsense rape-and-revenge film starring kung fu diva Hsia Kwan Lee.

Yes, Madam! a.k.a. In The Line Of Duty 2 (HK 1985) - A hard hitting action comedy starring police officers Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock. Although it was origally shelved, it finally got released with the growing international popularity of Ms. Rothrock. The final fifteen minutes are some of the best femme fighting the genre has to offer.

Zeiram a.k.a. Zeram (Japan 1991) - An effects laden sci-fi extravaganza from director Keita Amemiya. Savagely intense Yuko Moriyama plays a no-nonsense intergalactic bounty hunter who's tracking down a vicious alien monster known as Zeiram.

Zeiram 2 (Japan 1994) - An inferior remake of the original, but Yuko Moriyama makes up for it in her relentless and more confident portrayal of the lead character, Iria. One of my favorite films of all time.

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